Tiny Tigers TaeKwonDo

Taekwondo For Ages 3 – 5

Tiny Tigers is a program designed to introduce your child to the sport of martial arts. This successful program is nationally recognized and will serve as a springboard to advancement in the sport of Taekwondo.

The program caters to children ages 3-5. It’s a fun, fast paced environment, which focuses on fitness and self-defence. The core of the Tiny Tigers is to build strength both mentally and physically. The confidence your child will acquire will be the foundation of how their new earned respect, fortitude and discipline will help shape their future. The program is offered at both our Kitchener and Waterloo locations.

Read what our parents say:

This school is dedicated to its students. Teaching them with passion and motivation. Our son has learned so much.

Kerry Stevens

I am very happy for my son. His physical performance improved a lot, and also his confidence. All coaches are very friendly and helpful. Programs are very good and my son is very happy there.

Bijan Mahbaz

#1 school in the region to train! The instructors are top notch! Great family atmosphere…come see for yourself!

Rona Holwell Fewer

I have two of my kids enrolled my son is 7 and my daughter is 9 they both love BBW Kitchener they both do classes and Spar and do high performance which is offered as well it’s a well rounded place. I’m a member myself tonight my daughter Hollie is testing for her Blue belt and I’m testing for green while Robbie my youngest has his Black Belt already!!! Tomorrow we all fight at a tournament which is also something that you get to train for as well !! Just over all fun for the kids and well even a big kid like myself, the masters are all very professional and have taught my kids a lot more than just Taekwondo!!!!

Wayne Walker

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