Black Belt World Kitchener & Waterloo

Black Belt World CANADA, is a World Class Premiere Taekwondo/Martial Arts Academy that specializes in developing Olympic level athletes and stuntmen/women in the film industry of Hollywood blockbuster films.

Our locations in Kitchener & Waterloo, is run by Master Bauer. He is a national and provincial level coach in the Olympic sport of Tae Kwon Do, with 25 years of coaching experience. He has coached at all age and belt levels, from recreational to Olympic hopefuls and National Team members.

Kitchener & Waterloo's Top TaeKwonDo School

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Black Belt World After School Program

The BBW Taekwondo After School childcare program is the best service provided for parents who are looking for that “perfect daycare”. Go beyond any daycare and babysitting service with our Martial Arts After School Program!

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